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Code of Ethics

We recommend wines based on a number of factors, including quality, value, and how tasty we think they are. We don’t rate wines, and a company cannot pay us to feature one of their wines in our classes or on our website. If we find certain products that may be of value to our clients we may receive compensation from the producers to feature them, in which case we will issue a disclaimer to that effect.

We do occasionally receive sample bottles of wine; if we taste it, like it, and think it might be something that our clients will enjoy, then we’ll recommend it, but that is completely at our discretion. We also occasionally mention local retailers and restaurants that may carry or have carried the wines that we recommend. This is for the convenience and ease of our clients; businesses cannot pay us to be listed on our site. We are not responsible for the accuracy or availability of the wines at any establishment that we might mention. And remember, you must be 21+ to purchase alcoholic beverages or participate in our workshops.

Content Licensing
Comment Policy

We welcome comments to our blog, but please remember that wine is subjective and, just like taste buds, opinions may differ. Please be respectful of others, but be aware that we don’t tolerate spam, threats, or intolerant and uncivilized language.

Sampling Policy
Are you a winery, supplier, or Massachusetts distributor and have awesome wines that you’d like us to experience? Contact us regarding submissions of sample bottles and add us to your mailing list for events and tastings. We are not under any obligation to drink, use, or recommend every wine we receive, but if we discover some we love we’ll be thrilled!

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