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Vinitas is all about helping wine consumers get more enjoyment out of the wine in their glass. Our style of wine education is relaxed and geared toward helping you learn about your own palate.

And we never make you feel self-conscious about your tasting preferences or your lack of knowledge-we’re here for the “dumb wine questions” that you don’t want to ask anyone else!

Are you hesitant to take a wine class or attend a formal tasting because you feel you don’t know enough about different grape varieties, wine regions, or the best producers? Are you intimidated by the specialized language that wine professionals use? If you know what tastes good to you, and you’re eager to learn more, we’re the place for you.


Check out our SOCIAL page to see the services that we offer the general public. We also assist professionals in the beverage business; take a look at our PROFESSIONAL page if you are a wine or hospitality pro and could use some assistance with your business.

Meet the Face Behind the Palate


Kim M. Simone, CSW, FWS

Founder & Lead Wine Advisor

How much do I love wine? So much so that I quit my full-time job and went to graduate school to learn all about it (and still have the student loans to prove it!) I’m fascinated by the ways that wine and food bring people together, and how they shape our culture and our identity.


I’ve been in the wine business for over a dozen years, and most of that time was spent on a retail wine floor. Which means I spent most of my days (and all of my weekends) helping people just like you pick out a great bottle of wine.

I’ve met a lot of people, heard a lot of stories, and answered A LOT of questions about wine. I’m passionate about being an advocate for wine consumers, and now I’m here to help you.


Kim Simone is a Certified Specialist of Wine and a French Wine Scholar. She has experience in both the retail and wholesale sides of the Massachusetts industry, but her true passion is wine education. After completing her Master’s in Gastronomy from Boston University she started Vinitas WineWorks with two purposes-to help everyday wine consumers find more enjoyment in what they’re drinking, and to provide hospitality professionals with the wine knowledge that will help them improve and grow their businesses. In addition to teaching private classes, Kim will soon be teaching the French Wine Scholar program of the Wine Scholar Guild for Southern Massachusetts/Rhode Island.

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We’re Proud to be Independent

Our main focus is you, and our highest priority is helping you discover wines that you’ll love and that fit your lifestyle and your budget. And even though we have great working relationships with many people in the wine industry, from winemakers to suppliers and retail salespeople, at the end of the day we answer to our clients.


We recommend wines based on a number of factors, including quality, value, and how tasty we think they are. We don’t rate wines, and a company cannot pay us to feature one of their products. We do occasionally receive sample bottles of wine; if we taste it, like it, and think it might be something that our clients will enjoy, then we’ll recommend it, but that is completely at our discretion.

Vinitas Wine Works - proudly independent

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